Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nate!!!!!

Guess who just turned the big ONE!!! I know I've said this before, but I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY IS ALREADY A YEAR OLD!!! Time really does fly way too fast.

What's happening with Nate:

- Height and weight: to be determined on Thursday. I will update. He's big. That's all I know! He is wearing 18-month clothing and size 4 diapers.

- He finally has a tooth! It popped up a few weeks ago. The one beside it is going to break through any minute, so Nate tells us. We have started brushing his tooth, and he loves it!

- He could care less about walking. He actually stood on his own for about twenty seconds today, so we are making progress. People tell me I will regret saying I want him to walk, but it's not like crawling has slowed him down one bit, and I am ready to not have to carry him around everywhere.

- He is an expert tantrum-thrower. He has recently discovered that he can "go floppy" while pitching a fit so that I practically drop him if I try to pick him up. He usually has at least one good meltdown a day, usually while getting his pj's on at night.

- We said ta-ta to the ba-ba! This really saddened me because it is such a big boy milestone. He has been drinking his "big boy milk" out of his sippy cup, and can down six ounces in literally less than two minutes. I was so glad to say bye-bye to the formula!!

- He babbles non-stop! His favorite words are "bucka" and "ticka," whatever those mean. He has a complete language all his own. He likes to talk on the phone to whoever will listen.

- His belly is a bottomless pit. We have not found a thing the boy won't eat, and he won't stop eating until you stop feeding him. But he gets mad if you stop feeding him! I don't know where it all goes because he seems to be getting skinnier. Ben says he must have a tapeworm. :)

- He still loves to read. He doesn't really have a favorite book, though.

- He has a full-blown mullet, so I think a first hair cut is in our near future. (Sniff, sniff.)

We had a really fun birthday party for Nate on Saturday. So many people came, and we had so much fun. Nate was really into opening presents, which surprised me. He kept crawling over to them and peeking in the bags while we were eating. Somehow he knew they were all for him! The cake-eating was all we expected it to be. He LOVED the icing and it didn't take long for him to have it EVERYWHERE!! It definitely called for a bath afterwards! Thanks to Brian and Candice for opening their home to us for the party. There is no way we could have squeezed all those people in our house!  :)

Posing for his big boy one year old pic

Yay! I'm one year old!! (Look at the size of those feet- size 5!)

His TV/reading chair we gave him for his birthday.

Another birthday gift he loves.

The cute cake

Nate's "smash cake"

All the kids were involved in the gift opening!

Nate loved all his gifts...

Especially the books.

I can't wait to ride in my new wagon from BeBe and Poppy!

Ready to eat cake!

Happy birthday to me! He smiled the whole time we were singing to him.

Let's dig in!

Hmmm...not bad!

My favorite picture...classic!


That was the best cake ever!

What?! You're going to wash the icing off?!

Two of my good friends, Sally and Amanda, and their
sweet girls Vera Kate and Anne Marie

Four generations of Duffy men

Love my BeBe!

Now that that's behind us, we have started packing for the big move! Hopefully that won't keep me from updating in the next couple months.  :)

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